The advancement of technology in force chains has only added to getting the ultimate smarter by the day. Supply chains across the world, every day, need to ensure that their processes are devoid of issues related to material inflow dislocation, quality, data visibility, and integrity to name many. RFID as a technology holds the power to handle similar dislocations and much further. Since its first marketable use as a security label in 1966, RFID( Radio- frequency identification) has continued to make significant performance shifts across force chains of different diligence. RFID is known to be an advanced interpretation of Barcodes and displays brisk and effective results. Unlike barcodes, RFID markers can be read from anywhere in their electromagnetic field range along with the capacity to read multiple markers at one time. This promotes advanced read rates and reduces mortal intervention significantly, making them error-free. Generally, businesses use any one of the two types of RFID markers: videlicet Active and Passive. Active RFID markers bear a power source and have an advanced perpetration cost. Passive RFID markers, on the other hand, calculate power sources within external RFID label compendiums. Passive RFID markers are thus read when a product is vented, leaves or enters a store, or moves through other connected “ read points. ” In a duly controlled situation, like a store, unresisting RFID can increase the visibility without the precious costs of an active RFID label.

How We Help ?

At Wayinfotech results, we've been offering business robotization results to the global RFID request. Using a combination of tackle and software results, we've helped associations across different assiduity verticals including Automotive, Pharma, FMCG, Consumer durable, Oil & Gas, and Retail item position RFID operations in automating their manufacturing operations. Right from automating force and asset-shadowing, relating the source of products, enabling intelligent recall of imperfect or dangerous particulars similar as alloyed foods, imperfect toys, and expired or compromised drugs to perfecting the shopping experience for consumers, with smaller out-of-stock particulars and easier returns, our results have generated ROI for one and all. RFID-powered results have also helped in bridling fake products from entering the value chain with increased security and monitoring processes. Our result consulting approach includes a thorough understanding of the processes, the areas that need intervention, and other challenge areas, followed by designing and deploying a technology-grounded road chart that is optimal for your business.

Speed and accuracy

It eliminates the need for manual scanning leading to significant surge in pace of inventory tracking along with a dip in human-led errors

Higher read rate

It doesn’t need a direct line of sight for reading data. It can read from a greater distance within the EM field and read multiple tags in one go

Counterfeit protection

It can be read through packaging material, thereby allowing registration of tags inside a sealed enclosure without having to open it

Durable and resistant

These tags can resist harsh environmental conditions without getting withered easily