Control Systems

Traceability compliance is a vital element for successful force chain moments. In this age of violent competition, force chains need to ensure that they're extremely responsive to the client’s demands, without compromising on product quality. In the period of Assiduity 4.0 where manufacturing companies are on the drive to bring in increased robotization and posterior edge in their processes, plant robotization as technology has gained wide attention. As robotization enables smart ways and interventions to enhance the overall value of businesses, automated labeling and marking have become an integral part of smart manufacturing. Automated labeling and marking technology has come to be a strategic need for manufacturing companies encyclopedically. Powered with the gratuities of perfection and speed, automated labeling systems are decreasingly enabling companies in perfecting their functional edge.

How We Help ?

At wayinfotech solutions, we have helped companies across industries in automating their printing and labeling processes. Our years of experience and tenured team of factory automation experts ensure that you automate your processes with superior accuracy. Using our high-fidelity auto labeling system, you can now not only automate label generation but also apply them to packages/cartons/boxes on the front, side, back, top, and bottom. Our labeling system provides for gathering weight information of products, technology to improve barcode reading error, and reduce hand-labeling to save money, time, and labor, eventually helping your manufacturing units get ‘smarter’ by the day. The technology also comes with features to align all boxes or cases onto one side of the belt, to automatically identify all products entering the system, determine box weight, scanner to ensure the barcode is readable, print and place the label automatically onto the case and a smart and automated mechanism to reject and remove boxes that are not non-compliant or readable.

Reduced labor and costs

Enable faster reaction to production changes, optimize repetitive processes with minimal manual effort, saving labor and time costs

Improved insights

Make intelligent business decisions from smart information received from control systems right from the shop floor

Optimized productivity

Speed up your production processes with increased automation, achieve the highest levels of efficiency

Faster performance and reaction

Reap the benefits of flexibility and scalability with automation control systems