Supply chains across the world thrive on their effectiveness of shadowing and tracing products right from when they're being made to the last afar when they’re vented. And the way to track every product and its line lies in giving a unique identity to it. The ubiquitous barcode is a simple, yet again, advanced and secure way of immolation that has a unique identity to every item in the force chain. Right from its invention and first use in 1974, bar-coding technology has been the most generally used way of collecting and storing data about every item across the value chain. The barcode is protean, to say the least, in this data-driven world.

How We Help ?

At Wayinfotech Solutions, we’ve innovated the art and wisdom of bar coding for over two decades. Having engaged with businesses across diligence including Retail & Ecommerce, Transport and logistics, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, FMCG, Electronics, and Consumer Durables, we understand the varied requirements of your business. Bringing real-time visibility to your force chain processes using a combination of tackle and software results, we help you get to the bottom of your key challenge areas, and make intelligent business opinions. Over 20 times of experience in automatic identification and data prisoner( AIDC) technologies Rich sphere knowledge across request verticals Successfully handled 5bn deals and 1mn connected bias

Batch And product traceability

It enables complete traceability of items by collecting and storing the genealogy data of each batch and item using serialized unique identity codes

Speed and accuracy

It is fast and reliable, and eliminates the possibility of human errors made in manually capturing data

Inventory control

It facilitates tight and complete control of your inventory

Recall management

It makes it simple and easy to trace defective batches and products and trigger withholds and recalls immediately